(CD) Architects - For Those That Wish To Exist

Release Date: 022621
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Architects are back with their ninth studio album "For Those That Wish To Exist". The band have confirmed their ascent to the very upper echelons of British heavy music. Few bands, of this modern era or any other, can match the quintet's ability to blend uncompromising heavi­ness with razor-sharp melodic musicianship.

A versatile metal group based out of Brighton, England, Architects employ a lethal combination of breakdown-heavy guitars, melodic vocals and symphonic-ambient post-metal. That sonic delivery is conducted from a platform built on veganism and environmental activism.



Do You Dream Of Armageddon? 1:38
Black Lungs 3:51
Giving Blood 3:32
Discourse Is Dead 3:46
Dead Butterflies 4:02
An Ordinary Extinction 4:07
Impermanence 4:02
Flight Without Feathers 3:48
Little Wonder 3:47
Animals 4:04
Libertine 4:01
Goliath 4:17
Demi God 4:26
Meteor 4:01
Dying Is Absolutely Safe 4:59
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