(CD) Black Sabbath - Heaven & Hell (Deluxe Edition)

Release Date: 030521
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Black Sabbath have announced that the two albums they recorded with Ronnie James Dio in the early 1980s - Heaven And Hell and Mob Rules – are to be reissued in deluxe edition form on March 5. 

Both editions will be available as 2CD and 2LP packages, and both will feature previously unreleased live material. To celebrate the launch, the band have launched live versions of both albums' title tracks: a version of Heaven And Hill previously available on the b-side of the single Die Young; and a version of The Mob Rules recorded at the Portland Memorial Coliseum in 1982.

"The first period of Sabbath was great and what we did is set in stone," Tony Iommi tells this month's Mojo magazine. "But when we did Heaven And Hell I really loved that record. I loved Mob Rules too. I love the energy we got on those albums.   

"The way Ronnie put things over gave us a kick up the arse, too. We were able to sit down together properly and put ideas together. The way his voice sounded was great. I loved that whole period. It was frightening and exciting at the same time because everyone seemed against us. Everyone kept on saying, 'You can't do this without Ozzy.'"

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