(CD) Breeders - Last Splash (30th Anniversary edition) Japanese Import

Release Date: 092223
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September 22nd 2023. A defining album of the 1990s, "Last Splash" by The Breeders celebrates its 30th birthday this year. Recorded by the "classic" line-up of Kim Deal, Kelley Deal, Josephine Wiggs, and Jim MacPherson, and featuring the infectiously appealing ‘Cannonball’, "Last Splash" immediately became an alt-rock classic, achieving Gold status in Canada, and is ranked in Pitchfork's Top 100 Records of the 1990s.

This Japanese import "Last Splash" 30th anniversary edition contains two forgotten tracks from the original sessions: ‘Go Man Go’, a track that Kim co-wrote with Black Francis, and ‘Divine Mascis’, a version of ‘Divine Hammer’ with lead vocals provided courtesy of Dinosaur Jr.'s J Mascis.


1. New Year 2023 Remaster
2. Cannonball 2023 Remaster
3. Invisible Man 2023 Remaster
4. No Aloha 2023 Remaster
5. Roi 2023 Remaster
6. Do You Love Me Now? 2023 Remaster
7. Flipside 2023 Remaster
1. I Just Wanna Get Along 2023 Remaster
2. Mad Lucas 2023 Remaster
3. Divine Hammer 2023 Remaster
4. S.O.S. 2023 Remaster
5. Hag 2023 Remaster
6. Saints 2023 Remaster
7. Drivin' on 9 2023 Remaster
8. Roi (Reprise) 2023 Remaster
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