(CD) Bright Eyes - A Collection Of Songs 1995-1997: A Companion

Release Date: 052722
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May 27 street date. It's the desire to celebrate their sonic bounty that first got Conor Oberst and the band excited about the idea of comprehensive reissues. This wouldn't be a Bright Eyes project if a moment devoted to appreciating the past weren't turned into an opportunity to connect with the future. That's where the nine companion EPs come in. Or as Oberst puts it, "the supplemental reading" for the primary reissues: one six-track EP per reissued album, each featuring five reworked songs from that album. "My thing was they had to sound different from the originals, we had to mess with them in a substantial way". Plus one cover that felt "of the era" in which that particular albums was made - a song that meant something to the band at the time.



1. Driving Fast Through A Big City At Night
2. Solid Jackson
3. A Celebration Upon Completition
4. Falling Out of Love At This Volume
5. Exaltation On A Cool Kitchen Floor
6. Double Joe
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