(CD) Cradle - The History (Formerly the Pleasure Seekers) RSD20

Release Date: 082920
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Vital document of one of the first bands to put serious cracks in rock's glass ceiling!

Never able to fit the mold that label executives demanded, at the very end of 1969 the Quatro sisters' Pleasure Seekers became Cradle. Though "the suits" weren't ready for them, their forward-thinking sound and quintessentially Detroit determination blazed a trail for the decades of hard-rocking women who followed -- as did their choice to remain true to themselves, no matter what.

Track Listing:

1. Cradle Introduction

2. Living Machine

3. Man Is A Man

4. Sally And Johnny

5. See The Two

6. Heat

7. Peter Porno

8. Funny Man

9. Ted

10. Soothsayer

11. Last Laugh

12. Dream

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