(CD) Elton John - Elton: Jewel Box (8CD Box Set)

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'Elton: Jewel Box', an in-depth exploration of Elton John's extensive catalog including rarities from 1965-1971, lesser-known B-Sides, and deep cuts personally curated by Elton.

The 8 CD box set of buried treasures comes in a beautiful hardcover book with the discs housed in the back, all wrapped in an outer slipcase. Each section comes accompanied with extensive notes including a track-by-track commentary by Elton for Deep Cuts.



  Deep Cuts
1-1 Monkey Suit  
1-2 Where To Now St. Peter?  
1-3 Mellow  
1-4 The Ballad Of Danny Bailey (1909-34)  
1-5 Chameleon  
1-6 Gone To Shiloh  
1-7 We All Fall In Love Sometimes  
1-8 Too Low For Zero  
1-9 The Power  
1-10 All That I'm Allowed  
1-11 The Bridge  
1-12 The New Fever Waltz  
1-13 Stones Throw From Hurtin'  
1-14 The North  
1-15 Hoop Of Fire  
1-16 Boogie Pilgrim  
2-1 Ticking  
2-2 Crystal  
2-3 All Quiet On The Western Front  
2-4 Tell Me When The Whistle Blows  
2-5 Freaks In Love  
2-6 Never Too Old (To Hold Somebody)  
2-7 The Emperor's New Clothes  
2-8 House  
2-9 (Gotta Get A) Meal Ticket  
2-10 Understanding Women  
2-11 Shoot Down The Moon  
2-12 Have Mercy On The Criminal  
2-13 Blues For My Baby And Me  
2-14 My Quicksand  
2-15 Street Kids  
  Rarities: 1965-1971
3-1 Come Back Baby  
3-2 Mr. Frantic  
3-3 Scarecrow  
3-4 A Dandelion Dies In The Wind  
3-5 Velvet Fountain  
3-6 A Little Love Goes A Long Way  
3-7 If You Could See Me Now  
3-8 Mr. Lightning Strikerman  
3-9 Countryside Love Affair  
3-10 I Could Never Fall In Love With Anybody Else  
3-11 I Get A Little Bit Lonely  
3-12 The Witch's House  
3-13 Get Out Of This Town  
3-14 Year Of The Teddy Bear  
3-15 Where It's At  
3-16 Who's Gonna Love You  
3-17 Nina  
3-18 Angel Tree  
3-19 Here's To The Next Time  
3-20 Thank You For All Your Loving  
3-21 Watching The Planes Go By  
3-22 When The First Tear Shows  
3-23 Tartan Coloured Lady  
4-1 Hourglass  
4-2 71-75 New Oxford Street  
4-3 Turn To Me  
4-4 Reminds Me Of You  
4-5 I Can't Go On Living Without You  
4-6 And The Clock Goes Round  
4-7 When I Was Tealby Abbey  
4-8 I'll Stop Living When You Stop Loving Me  
4-9 Trying To Hold On To A Love That's Dying  
4-10 Sitting Doing Nothing  
4-11 Regimental Sergeant Zippo  
4-12 Cry Willow Cry  
4-13 There Is Still A Little Love  
4-14 If I Asked You  
4-15 Skyline Pigeon  
4-16 Two Of A Kind  
4-17 The Girl On Angel Pavement  
4-18 Smokestack Children  
4-19 Baby I Miss You  
4-20 All Across The Havens  
4-21 Bonnie's Gone Away  
4-22 Just An Ordinary Man  
4-23 There Is Still Time For Me  
5-1 The Tide Will Turn For Rebecca  
5-2 Dick Barton Theme (Devil's Gallop)  
5-3 Breakdown Blues  
5-4 Taking The Sun From My Eyes  
5-5 It's Me That You Need  
5-6 Sing Me No Sad Songs  
5-7 The Flowers Will Never Die  
5-8 In The Morning  
5-9 Open Your Eyes To The Sun  
5-10 One Time, Sometime Or Never  
5-11 Slow Fade To Blue  
5-12 Rolling Western Union  
5-13 My Father's Gun  
5-14 Amoreena  
5-15 Burn Down The Mission  
5-16 Razor Face  
5-17 Madman Across The Water  
5-18 Holiday Inn  
5-19 All The Nasties  
  B-Sides 1976-2005
6-1 Snow Queen  
6-2 Conquer The Sun  
6-3 Cartier  
6-4 White Man Danger  
6-5 Tactics  
6-6 Steal Away Child  
6-7 Love So Cold  
6-8 Les Aveux  
6-9 Donner Pour Donner  
6-10 J'Veux D'La Tendresse  
6-11 Fools In Fashion  
6-12 Can't Get Over Getting Over Losing You  
6-13 Tortured  
6-14 Hey Papa Legba  
6-15 Take Me Down To The Ocean  
6-16 Where Have All The Good Times Gone?  
6-17 The Retreat  
6-18 Choc Ice Goes Mental  
6-19 A Simple Man  
7-1 Lonely Boy  
7-2 Highlander  
7-3 Billy And The Kids  
7-4 Lord Of The Flies  
7-5 Rope Around A Fool  
7-6 Medicine Man  
7-7 I Know Why I'm In Love  
7-8 Big Man In A Little Suit  
7-9 God Never Came Here  
7-10 The North Star  
7-11 Did Anybody Sleep With Joan Of Arc?  
7-12 So Sad The Renegade  
7-13 A Little Peace  
7-14 Keep It A Mystery  
7-15 How's Tomorrow  
7-16 Peter's Song  
7-17 Things Only Get Better With Love  
  And This Is Me...
8-1 Empty Sky  
8-2 Lady Samantha  
8-3 Border Song  
8-4 My Father's Gun  
8-5 All The Nasties  
8-6 I Think I'm Going To Kill Myself  
8-7 Philadelphia Freedom  
8-8 Song For Guy  
8-9 Sartorial Eloquence  
8-10 Elton's Song  
8-11 Cold As Christmas (In The Middle Of The Year)  
8-12 I Fall Apart  
8-13 Amazes Me  
8-14 The Last Song  
8-15 American Triangle  
8-16 (I'm Gonna) Love Me Again
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