(CD) Haim - Women in Music Part III

Release Date: 062620
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Now, after a two-month delay, due in part to the pandemic, they have decided it’s time to release Women in Music Pt. III into the world. Its rollout began even further back, in July 2019, when Haim put out their first single, the Lou Reed-interpolating “Summer Girl,” just a couple of weeks after they recorded and mastered it. “The excitement of that process kind of informed the rest of the album,” Danielle says. This was the opposite of how their major-label debut, Days Are Gone, came together eight years ago: “We’d been sitting on those songs for years,” Danielle adds. “We were playing them in clubs in L.A. for the longest time before we got signed — we wrote ‘The Wire’ in 2008.” Until “Summer Girl,” she says, “we’d never written a song and then just decided a couple days later that we were going to release it into the world.”

Produced with Rostam Batmanglij, formerly of Vampire Weekend, and longtime collaborator Ariel Rechtshaid, Women in Music Pt. III has less of the accented percussion that’s become one of Haim’s signature features — which was “very hard for us to do, as we’re all drummers and we like to have a lot of syllables,” says Danielle. The drum sounds themselves became more acoustic — the band compares them to Chad Smith’s echoing snares for Red Hot Chili Peppers — and the electronic punctuations, when they do come in, are weirder and more evocative, like the sparkling trumpets on the love song “Another Try,” or the P-Funk bass squelches on “3AM.” - Rolling Stone Magazine



Los Angeles 3:20
The Steps 4:08
I Know Alone 3:46
Up From A Dream 3:17
Gasoline 3:13
3 AM 3:10
Don't Wanna 3:22
Another Try 3:25
Leaning On You 3:21
I've Been Down 2:51
Man From The Magazine 2:07
All That Ever Mattered 2:31
FUBT 3:13
Now I'm In It 2:24
Hallelujah 3:11
Summer Girl 3:25
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