(CD) Michael Franti & Spearhead - Work Hard Be Nice

Release Date: 061920
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"I poured my heart into an album of songs dedicated to finding meaning, joy, love, ease of heart, moments of letting go and lots of dancing during challenging times like the ones we are currently living through. The title says it all. In these crazy and divided times it is more important than ever that we all WORK HARD & BE NICE. When you pre-order the album right now, you’ll get two songs right away: 1. “I’m On Your Side,” an anthem expressing solidarity with others around the world who are dealing with the challenges we all face 2. “How We Living,” a party song about finding optimism and bringing people of all walks of life together to celebrate life. The full album drops on JUNE 19th! There are 17 songs on the album, so between now and then, I’ll be releasing new songs EVERY TWO WEEKS with new videos. I’ll also be jumping on IG LIVE a lot to answer your questions and share more of the new songs acoustically." - M. Franti

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