(LP) New Order - Power, Corruption & Lies Definitive Edition (BOX SET)

Release Date: 100220
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New Order‘s second album, Power Corruption & Lies will be reissued as a ‘definitive edition box set in October.

The 1983 album has been remastered from the original tape (for the first time, apparently) and features on both CD and vinyl in the new box set.

An additional CD called ‘Extras’ features 17 tracks, including outtakes, rough mixes and writing session recordings of songs from the album as well as non-album singles ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Thieves Like Us’ and ‘Murder’. 13 of the tracks on this disc are previously unreleased.

Two DVDs complete this five-disc package. The first captures New Order live during 1982 and 1983 at The Hacienda and Kilkenny, along with other various ad hoc live tracks from the era. The second DVD includes the 1984 Play at Home Channel 4 TV documentary and other rare live and TV performances.

The discs come in this Peter Saville-designed box set with a 48-page hardback book of rare photos and original text collated by Warren Jackson.

Not included in the box, but issued at the same time are four 12-inch singles of non-album singles Blue Monday, Confusion, Thieves Like Us and Murder. These feature 2020 remastered audio. The box set and the singles are issued on 2 October 2020.



A1 Age Of Consent  
A2 We All Stand  
A3 The Village  
A4 5 8 6  
B1 Your Silent Face  
B2 Ultraviolence  
B3 Ecstasy  
B4 Leave Me Alone  
CD1-1 Age Of Consent 5:16
CD1-2 We All Stand 5:15
CD1-3 The Village 4:37
CD1-4 5 8 6 7:32
CD1-5 Your Silent Face 5:57
CD1-6 Ultraviolence 4:52
CD1-7 Ecstasy 4:26
CD1-8 Leave Me Alone 4:42
  Writing Session Recordings
CD2-1 Age Of Consent 4:40
CD2-2 The Village 3:14
CD2-3 5 8 6 3:25
CD2-4 Your Silent Face 5:02
CD2-5 Ecstasy 4:25
CD2-6 Leave Me Alone 4:09
  John Peel Session
CD2-7 Turn The Heater On 5:03
CD2-8 We All Stand 5:25
CD2-9 Too Late 3:38
CD2-10 5 8 6 6:08
  John Peel Session Outtake
CD2-11 Too Late (Instrumental Rough Mix) 3:41
  New York Demo #1
CD2-12 Thieves Like Us 6:42
  Writing Session Recording
CD2-13 Thieves Like Us 2:00
  Writing Session Recordings
CD2-14 Murder 3:41
CD2-15 Blue Monday 2:10
CD2-16 Blue Monday 5:50
  Album Session Recording
CD2-17 Blue Monday (Instrumental Outtake) 7:19
  The Hacienda, Manchester 1982
DVD1-1 In A Lonely Place 4:59
DVD1-2 Ultraviolence 3:37
DVD1-3 Denial 4:07
DVD1-4 The Village 4:19
DVD1-5 We All Stand 5:32
DVD1-6 Senses 4:07
DVD1-7 Chosen Time 3:20
DVD1-8 5 8 6 4:52
DVD1-9 Temptation 7:35
DVD1-10 Everything's Gone Green 5:21
  Rosehill Hotel, Kilkenny, Ireland 1983
DVD1-11 We All Stand 5:18
DVD1-12 Leave Me Alone 4:07
DVD1-13 Denial 4:49
DVD1-14 The Village 5:10
DVD1-15 Temptation 9:20
DVD1-16 Confusion 6:11
DVD1-17 Age Of Consent 6:25
DVD1-18 Blue Monday 4:26
DVD1-19 Everything's Gone Green 7:13
DVD1-20 Ceremony 5:02
  TV Sessions
DVD1-21 Blue Monday (BBC Top Of The Pops, London 1983) 3:57
DVD1-22 Confusion (Countdown 1983) 5:01
DVD1-23 Age Of Consent (Switch 1983) 4:35
DVD1-24 Blue Monday (Switch 1983) 5:23
DVD1-25 Thieves Like Us (BBC Top Of The Pops 1984) 3:25
DVD1-26 Your Silent Face (The Hacienda, Manchester) 6:47
DVD1-27 5 8 6 (The Hacienda, Manchester) 6:25
DVD1-28 We All Stand (Recreation Centre, Tolworth) 6:50
DVD1-29 Leave Me Alone (Recreation Centre, Tolworth) 4:11
DVD1-30 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Tower Ballroom, Birmingham) 3:39
DVD1-31 Ultraviolence (First Avenue, Minneapolis) 5:38
DVD1-32 The Village (Uni-Mensa, Dusseldorf) 5:01
DVD1-33 Thieves Like Us (Alabamahalle, Munich) 6:37
DVD1-34 Blue Monday (Alabamahalle, Munich) 7:43
DVD1-35 Lonesome Tonight (Metropol, Berlin) 5:30
DVD1-36 Confusion (Metropol, Berlin) 6:55
  The Haçienda, Manchester 1983
DVD2-1 Blue Monday 8:40
DVD2-2 Age Of Consent 5:03
DVD2-3 Lonesome Tonight 5:47
DVD2-4 Your Silent Face 8:06
DVD2-5 Leave Me Alone 4:42
DVD2-6 5 8 6 7:11
DVD2-7 Denial 5:28
DVD2-8 Confusion 6:03
DVD2-9 Temptation 8:17
DVD2-10 Thieves Like Us 14:49
DVD2-11 In A Lonely Place 5:20
DVD2-12 Everything's Gone Green 6:02
  Play At Home (Channel 4, 1984)
DVD2-13 "The Word Came Out Of L.A." 16:00
DVD2-14 The Five Year Plan. ... 18:09
DVD2-15 Seven Months, Three Days Later 16:42
DVD2-16 Untitled 9:37
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