(CD) Old 97's - Twelfth

Release Date: 090420
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Twelfth is tuneful, clever, and musically joyful. The opening track, "The Dropouts" is so effortlessly great it has a possibility of sounding boring upon first listen. The same goes for the other burners here, like "Turn Off the TV", "Confessional Boxing", and "Bottle Rocket Baby": they're all loud, fun, and are likely to bore themselves in the back of your brain and bounce around in there for a few days. But, even better than these light, fun tracks are the songwriting showcases "Belmont Hotel", "I Like You Better", and the closer "Why Don't We Ever Say We're Sorry", as there's a light grace to these tracks that are destined to resonate with many for quite a long while. Twelfth is a strong album, even in the context of a band with a history of strong albums.



The Dropouts  
This House Got Ghosts  
Turn Off The Tv  
I Like You Better  
Happy Hour  
Belmont Hotel  
Confessional Boxing  
Diamonds On Neptune  
Our Year  
Bottle Rocket Baby  
Absence (What We've Got)  
Why Don't We Ever Say We're Sorry
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