(CD) Ron Sexsmith - Hermitage

Release Date: 061920war
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Ron Sexsmith's HERMITAGE opens with bright piano and the sounds of birds chirping, immediately introducing the delightful and whimsical tone of the album, his 17th LP since his 1986 debut There's a Way.



Spring Of The Following Year 2:55
Chateau Mermaid 2:30
Lo And Behold 2:11
Glow In The Dark Stars 4:12
Small Minded World 3:02
Winery Blues 2:32
When Love Pans Out 3:32
You Don't Wanna Hear It 3:11
Dig Nation 3:04
Whatever Shape Your Heart Is In 2:19
Apparently Au Pair 2:37
Is It Or Isn't It 3:19
Morning Town 2:54
Think Of You Fondly 2:22
Kick It Down The Road 3:22
Trouble 3:40
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