(CD) Rosie Tucker - Sucker Supreme

Release Date: 061821
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June 18 street date. "Sucker Supreme" is the third album from Rosie Tucker, and first for Epitaph Records. It is a coming of age album that aches with self-discovery, self-definition, and self-redefinition. It is also just the right follow-up to where their last album, 2019's "Never Not Never Not Never Not", left off: still playfully observed, still sneakily political, still indebted to folk singers of the past - but also much, much bigger, brighter, louder and noisier than anything Tucker has dared before.

It delivers mightily on an ambitious M.O.: to be relentlessly catchy and muscular and noisy but also beautiful; be achingly sad and searching, but never too far away from funny, either; and to spotlight Tucker's empathetic, yearning vocals on top of it all. "Sucker Supreme" is the first record made by Tucker's current touring band: drummer Jessy Reed, guitarist Jess Kallen, and bassist Wolfy, who also occupied the producer's chair. It's a group of people as eager to share their long-dead folk music heroes as they are to pay homage to their still-kicking pop-punk heartthrobs.



Barbara Ann 3:15
Habenero 3:33
Different Animals 3:08
Trim 1:33
For Sale: Ford Pinto 2:33
Ambrosia 3:45
Arrow 3:58
Creature Of Slime 0:44
Brand New Beast 1:38
Airport 2:39
Dog 2:55
Clinic Poem 0:52
Peach Pit 3:53
How Was It? 1:14
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