(CD) Shout Out Louds - House

Release Date: 021822
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February 18 street date. On their new album "House", Swedish indie darlings Shout Out Louds share a collection of songs attuned to the strange poetry of everyday life, the kind of small and subtle moments that together form the very texture of our existence.

The sixth full-length from the Stockholm-based band, "House" ponders such matters as mental unrest, growing older, and the fragility of love with an unblinking realism that's endlessly brightened by their heavenly melodies and indelibly warm sound. The result: a body of work beautifully suited to getting lost in what Olenius refers to as "the little house inside your head". Produced by Peter Bjorn and John's Björn Yttling (Lykke Li, Franz Ferdinand, Primal Scream, etc), who also helmed Shout Out Louds' acclaimed sophomore album "Our Ill Wills", "House" marks a purposeful departure from the grand and lush vibe of 2017's "Ease My Mind". To that end, the band this time recorded live and embraced a post-punk-inspired minimalism that magnifies the raw emotion of each song, fully harnessing the effusive energy they've brought to the stage.



1. As Far Away As Possible
2. High As a Kite
3. Mixed Up
4. My Companion
5. Sky and I (Himlen)
6. June
7. Multiply
8. Sometimes Sometimes
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