(CD) Sue Foley - Pinky's Blues

Release Date: 102221
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Pinky's Blues is a raw, electric guitar driven romp through the backroads of Texas, with Foley's signature pink paisley Fender Telecaster, 'Pinky' at the wheel. Pinky's Blues is a guitar driven collection of 12 songs, both original and some of Sue's favourite covers, that demonstrate not only that Sue is one of the world's greatest Blues guitarists, but that the sheer joy of playing can be felt through the recording in an emotional thrill for the listener. A vinyl version of the album on hot pink provides a dream item for fans, audiophiles and collectors.



1. Pinky's Blues
2. Two Bit Texas Town
3. Dallas Man
4. Southern Men
5. Say It's Not So
6. Hurricane Girl
7. Stop These Teardrops
8. Boogie Real Low
9. Think It Over
10. Okie Dokie Stomp/
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