(CD) Yo-Yo Ma Stuart Duncan Edgar Meyer & Chris Thile - Not Our First Goat Rodeo

Release Date: 061920
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Sony Music Masterworks announces the long-awaited follow-up to the GRAMMY Award-winning The Goat Rodeo Sessions, with Yo-Yo Ma, Stuart Duncan, Edgar Meyer, and Chris Thile. The new album — Not Our First Goat Rodeo. Both sets of Goat Rodeo sessions combine the talents of the four solo artists, each a Grammy Award-winning talent in his own right, to create a singular sound that's part composed, part improvised, and uniquely American. The music is so complex to pull off that the group likens it to a goat rodeo — an aviation term for a situation in which 100 things need to go right to avoid disaster. Both the first album and the new recording also feature the voice and artistry of singer-songwriter and fellow Grammy Award-winner Aoife O'Donovan, who rejoins the group as a guest on Not Our First Goat Rodeo.



Your Coffee Is A Disaster 4:40
Waltz Whitman 3:44
The Trappings 3:39
Every Note A Pearl 4:37
Not For Lack Of Trying 5:09
Voila! 3:11
Scarcely Cricket 4:46
We Were Animals 5:22
Nebbia 4:31
757 ml 5:08
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