Come Monday, March 8th, Dead Dog Records will be allowed to host real-live in-store shoppers! 
That being said, while we remain in Code-Grey of Ontario's provincial Covid Prevention guide lines, and affording due respect to the Covid Variants of Concern, we strongly encourage you all to continue to shop us via our website, 
and then arrange quick-and-easy curbside pickup at your convenience.  
For those of you Jonesing for some good-ole-fashioned-record-retail-therapy, compliance with the following is fully and completely required.
Our Bloor St W store will have a max capacity of 2 customers at any one time. 
Our Church St store will have a max capacity of 4 customers at any one time
We will be keeping the door locked to keep strict control of this measure, so please knock!  
Face-coverings/masks are mandatory.
Hand Sanitizer will be available and must be applied before browsing commences.
There may be occasions when demand is such that we may need to limit your in-store browsing time. Please be respectful of those who might be waiting outside, and, to those of you waiting outside, your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated.
Here's to partial opening!  
1209 BLOOR ST W                                         568 CHURCH ST.
Monday - Thursday: noon -6 pm                     Tuesday - Friday 3 -6 pm
Friday: Noon - 7 pm                                       Saturday Noon-3 p.m.
Saturday: Noon - 5 pm                                   CLOSED ; Sunday & Monday
Sunday: CLOSED