(LP) Causa Sui - Pewt'r Sessions 3

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After reestablishing themselves last year as a prime psychedelic rock act, releasing the magnificent Euporie Tide, Causa Sui needn't have rushed to come up with something new for quite a while. The fans are still grasping the beauty of that album, yet the Danish quartet chose to move on. The latest material was born from new jamming sessions with Ron Schneidermann, that ran in parallel with the tight recordings of Tide. Since these Pewt'r Sessions are more free jazz-oriented, the guys made sure they threw everything into the mix. As a result, the third volume heavily contrasts his predecessor, plus it even feels the loosest so far from the entire series.


  • 1 Abyssal Plain
  • 2 Eutopia
  • 3 Incipiency Suite
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