(LP) Mogwai - Zero Zero Zero (White Vinyl)

Release Date: 061821
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To celebrate the acclaimed eight-part cocaine crime drama, ZeroZeroZero, and to meet the many requests received for it, we are pleased to release Mogwai's soundtrack to the series for the first time on double white vinyl and exclusively for Indie stores in the US and Record Store Day elsewhere. It will come with a MP3 download included. The soundtrack has only previously been available digitally.

"...a masterful collection from a band who enter their second quarter century as essential as ever." Clash Magazine UK 8/10


Visit Me 2:40
I'm Not Going When I Don't Get Back 2:27
Telt 1:54
Chicken Guns 4:48
Nose Pints 2:04
Fears Of Metal 2:37
Space Annual 1:21
Invisible Frequencies 2:53
Moon In Reverse 4:01
Don't Make Me Go Out On My Own 3:15
Lesser Glasgow 4:18
Frog Marching 4:03
El Dante 3:48
Major Treat 2:15
Rivers Wanted 4:11
Summon The Sacred Beast 3:22
Modern Trolls 3:51
The Winter's Not Forever 3:47
He Loved Trees 2:18
Witches Of Alignment 3:57
The Wife Was Touched 4:53
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