(LP) NOFX - White Trash (Anniversary/Canadian colour variant)

Release Date: 090222
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September 2 street date. Anniversary edition of NOFX's classic "White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean" pressed on ghostly sea blue & clear vinyl - exclusive Canadian pressing!

"Back to Westbeach with Donnel Cameron. I don't remember that much about this album. Erik had just quit heroin and he was still sick. Two days after we finished, Erik checked himself into a rehab and stayed there for two months. That was 7 years ago and he has been totally sober ever since. Cool. He won't even eat chicken if it has wine sauce on it. He made it clear that NOFX was more important to him than drugs. Anyway, I don't remember how long this album took, but I do remember it took me a fuck of a long time to sing. Standard" - NOFX.



    Side One  
    Soul Doubt 2:46
    Stickin In My Eye 2:24
    Bob 2:02
    You're Bleeding 2:12
    Straight Edge 2:11
    Liza And Louise 2:22
    The Bag 2:46
    Same Side  
    Please Play This Song On The Radio 2:16
    Warm 3:30
    I Wanna Be Your Baby 2:56
    Johnny Appleseed 2:37
    She's Gone 2:56
    Buggley Eyes 1:19
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