As info arrives, we will be building and adding releases to this Record Store Day list as fast as possible! Stay tuned... Feel free to E-mail us your wish-list so that we can order appropriately. No guarantees, mind you...

*NO holds or pre-orders on any releases.
*First comes, first gets.
*ONE copy per customer.

The titles on this RSD 2021 Official List will be available on these two RSD Drop dates: June 12 and July 17

*Things are improving but in this continued “unprecedented global situation”, where production and shipping is still in a state of struggle, the focus of these two Drops dates is on bringing revenue to the stores-- as well as to the artists, labels, distribution and every other business behind the scenes making record stores work, in a fiscally and socially responsible way. The spread of titles over two dates in two months allows some flexibility for the struggling vinyl pressing plants and distribution companies as well as provide stores time to prepare budgets and place the orders that safely get music into the hands of customers on a larger than normal release day.* - Record Store Day

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