Our Boxing Day Mea Culpa

Here are a few details regarding our Boxing Day Mea Culpa, 20% Discount during the month of February.


Discount is available only to those customers that participated in our Boxing Day sale, by which is meant , placed and paid for at least one complete order on either Dec 26th or 27th, 2021

Discount applies to one total single new order.

Discount must be used within the month of February, 2022

Discount applies to in-stock items only.

Discount can't and won't be combined with any other discount offers.

Free shipping is suspended for this sale.

Some exceptions do apply.

We reserve the right to limit quantities of any given item.


Thanks again for your patience and understanding and participation in our Boxing Day Sale.

It was incredible, insane and, while a try, a whole lot of fun!


Stay safe!


p.s.  Should you see this notice and had participated in our EOBS and did not get the e-mail, 

         please contact us with your order number and we will make it right.