Record Store Day 2023


WOW! Thank you all who braved the elements and came out to make this year's edition of Record Store Day the absolute BEST EVER! 


Truely, a wonderful Coming Out party for our brand-spanking-new store at 1277 Bloor St W.  


All of our remaining RSD titles are to be made available online starting at approx 10am, Sunday Apr. 23. 


For your convenience, we have edited our listings to show only the titles that remain in stock.


Things to know...

1. If you haven't already, create your customer profile before shopping/checking out.  This will help speed up your transaction.

2. Items in your cart are NOT secure until payment has been approved.  Meaning items in your  cart remain live inventory and another customer may purchase your in-cart item out from under to speak.

3. All RSD titles remain limited to 1 copy per customer.

4. U.S. orders will be accepted and will be FINAL SALE.




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