Stephen's Top Five

Here are 5 recent releases that are spinning at my house...Sure, some are re-issues...


Metric - Old World Underground...

     This one, though!  Still a charmer after all these years!  A long 0ver-due reissue...goodness knows how long supply will last on this...

The Maytals - Essential Artist Collection The Maytals.

      Reggae done right!  This 28 track comp over 4 sides is a very worthy dive into Toots and The Maytals Catalog.  The 50 track double CD, though...!  Also worthy, the Skatalites - Essential Artist Collection

Grade 2 - Self Titled

      From Hellcat Records, hailing from the Isle of Wright, this trio of Brits are bringing back classic punk, begging the question...does Punk really need anything but bass, drums, guitar and an effin 'tude?

Andy Shauf - Norm

      Another fab listen from Mr. Shauf.  

Gorillaz - Cracker Island

      Damon and his pals had lost me on the last 2 Gorillaz records.  Consider me found agian with this their 8th LP. 

Looking Forward too...

       Boygenius - the record (due March 12)

       The National - First Two Pages of Frankestein (Due Apr 28)