Stephen's Top Five


Oh...I am NOT saying that these are the Best Albums Of The Year, but here are 5 records that I listened to, with much joy I might add, on repeat this year...

Plains - I Walked With You A Ways.

           Great songs telling tales of strong and empowered women in complete control of their relationships and their standing in our world.  Get used to it, folks! 

Turnstile - Glow On

            Sure, this is a 2021 release but supply became available only 4 months ago and this record is complete ROCKER!  Start to finish.

Carly Rae Jepsen - The Lonliest Time

             Ms. Jepsen has had my butt-a-shakin since October! Key tracks Joshua Tree and Beach House. This one is "probalby gonna hurt your feelings" you will like it so much!

Danger Mouse and Black Thought - Cheat Codes

             Beats by Danger Mouse to make your physical head bob and Black Thought's lyricism making your inner head go "Hmmm..."  

Arctic Monkeys - The Car

              Chanelling their inner Bryan Ferry and David Bowie, The Car drove me wild (see what I did  there?) with sweeping cinematic orchestration and amusing wordplay, had me crooning along!