About our name, though...

Once our team knew we were going to open our own record store, naming it became the focus of many purpose-driven drinking sessions. We had a few way too cute names, some way too long monikers and a couple of the “that just sucks” variety.

Days went by and we were stuck. That’s when our friend Jenn came by and told us a story about her very first job. She said she was working in a little variety store in her hometown and the proprietor there had, at some expense, acquired from overseas several hundred cute and fluffy, bouncing and yipping puppy automatons. As he filled the display and turned them on, nary a one of them yipped or bounced. He cursed long and hard in the proverbial “I’m ruined!” kind of way and walked away, slamming the office door behind him. Jenn shrugged and thought the dogs were still cute and fluffy. She got out her Sharpies and made this sign: “Dead Dogs for Sale -- $5 each.”

The inventory was sold out by week’s end!

And so, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you...the one and only Dead Dog Records – a Toronto record store with the ability to see beyond the obvious, bringing you the best available selection of genres, artists and titles, perhaps just a little off the beaten path.