FAQS and HACKS and Customer Support

Here are some tips and ideas that we hope will make your online experience with us a tad less trying.  Don't be afraid to offer any suggestions, this remains a work in progress!  Enjoy and happy collecting!

1 FAQ's
1.1 Is there an easy way to tell which items are in-fact IN-STOCK?

Yes there is.  Simply hover the cursor over the album graphic on your screen.  If the "Add to Cart" button appears, the item is showing for stock on hand.  Physical inventory was completed and reconciled on Jan 15th of 2021.  As of this date our inventory is true!  The further we get away from that date...being humans, we may err in processing goods in and out of the store...doesn't happen a lot...I guess what I'm trying to say is...never be afraid to ask us directly if the item you desire is not in stock, or, for that matter, not appearing on our website.  We will do our darnedest to get a copy for you!



1.2 Are you allowed to PRE-ORDER an item?

Absolutely!  Starting in 2021, we will be using the WISHLIST function to alert us of your desire to secure any particular item.  Once an item appears in our online store, you can add it to your wishlist!  We will review these lists weekly so as to inform our buying so as to procure enough of the title(s) so as to fulfil your desire(s).  Wishlist fulfillment will happen with priority given to the most earliest wishes.  In other words, first wishes, first gets!

Please Note:  Many new releases are being offered in limited and/or coloured variants.  Occasionally,  the demand for these limited variants can outstrip the supply.  In such instances, we may not be able to supply you with the specific variant.  As always, your understanding and gracious recognition of the sometimes limited nature of our biz, is appreciated!


1.3 Is there a SEARCH FUNCTION on our site when you are using your mobile/phone ?

Yes, there most certainly is!  And it really couldn't be more obscure.  On our Home Page, when using your phone, you will see our big logo at the top of the screen on a black back-ground.  Have you noticed the smaller logo just to the left of this big one?  Me neither.  But when you touch our little logo, something will pop-up!  True for so many things, really!  This smaller logo is the trigger for accessing the search function on our site when using your phone.  So touch it...please, touch it...oooh...that's the spot...touch it, and search to your heart's content!


2.1 Your WISHLIST is Our Command...

In January of 2021, and going forward, we will endeavor to pay WAY more attention to your wants and desires included on your WISHLISTS.  That being said, there are a couple of things you should know about your wishlists.

--You will start to get notifications when your wish list items come back in stock.

--Currently, items do not get removed from your wishlists as you acquire them.  So, if you can remember to, please remove any items you have added to your collection from your wishlists.  This will keep you from getting repeat notices for the same item as titles sell-out and we re-stock. 

Thank you.


2.2 About our UPCOMING RELEASES...

We put a ton of effort and time into trying to keep this category as up to date as possible.  Please forgive us when street dates get bumped.  Often, we are not notified by the suppliers of such events, especially with regards to the multiple and limited variants being made available per title.  Your patience and understanding is always appreciated!

2.3 About our RECENT ARRIVALS...

The items listed here are the most recent New Releases which have already shipped in!  This category does not highlight what we call catalogue items.  Should you have an item you just-gotta-have-as-soon-as-is-humanly-possible-like-right-now-!, you should add that item to your WISHLIST by simply clicking on the link at the bottom of the item's page.  We will be tending to these lists in a much greater capacity in 2021, and beyond, so that we can promptly fill the holes in your collection with our customary wit, style and panache!


Sometime, way back in 2015, and just as Dead Dog Records opened, an accord was reached affecting more than 45 worldwide major recorded music markets.  This accord decreed that all new releases be simultaneously released internationally on Fridays as part of 'New Music Fridays.'  Now, we are not here to argue the merits or effectiveness of this decree, but just to let you know that we will allow you to purchase new releases online as soon as the item arrives, and we will hold it for you to pick up no earlier than the assigned scheduled Friday.  Record Store Day and RSD Black Friday titles are completely and totally and always exempt from this allowance.