(CD) Dry Cleaning - Stumpwork (W/Booklet)

Release Date: 102122
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South-London based 4-piece Dry Cleaning present their sophomore record, "Stumpwork". Buoyed by the success of its predecessor "New Long Leg" they returned to rural Wales in late 2021 to partner once again with producer John Parish and engineer Joe Jones. Though it was the same studio and team, imposter syndrome and anxiety was replaced by freedom and openness to explore beyond an already rangy sonic palette. A new confidence in their creative vision was found.

"Stumpwork" is inspired by a plethora of events, concepts, and political debacles, be they represented in the icy mess of ambient elements reflecting a certain existential despair, or the surprising warmth in celebrating the lives of loved ones lost through the previous year. Surrealist lyrics are as ever at the forefront - but there is a sensitivity now to the themes of family, money, politics, self-deprecation, and sensuality. Across the album's 11 tracks Dry Cleaning have crafted an ambitious and deeply rewarding work that marks them out as one of the most intelligent and exciting current UK acts.

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