(CD) Atmosphere - So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously

Release Date: 050523
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The new album from hip-hop duo Atmosphere, So Many Other Realities Exist Simultaneously, opens with veteran rapper Slug and seasoned producer Ant taking a gentler approach.

A departure from the brute intros of earlier works, the lead-off track “Okay” sounds focused on comforting and reassuring the listener, as if informed by fatherhood and implicit duty. With Slug rapping over one of the most twinkling productions Ant has released, the song lays the groundwork for an album-length exercise in fumbling consciousness without setting a precedent for how they intend to navigate it. Yet, as gently as the album begins, there’s an unmistakable sense of unease from the onset that continues to evolve throughout the project, as Slug and Ant weave the listener through indistinct themes of insomnia and woe.


1. LP1: Okay
2. Eventide
3. Sterling
4. Dotted Lines
5. In My Head
6. Crop Circles
7. Portrait
8. It Happened Last Morning
9. Thanxiety
10. September Fools' Day LP2: Talk Talk
11. Watercolors
12. Holding My Breath
13. Still Life
14. After Tears
15. Positive Space
16. Bigger Pictures
17. Truth ; Nail
18. Sculpting With Fire
19. Alright (Okay Reprise)
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