(CD) Bahamas - Sad Hunk

Release Date: 103020
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The fifth album from Bahamas (Afie Jurvanen), Sad Hunk, takes it's title from a nickname bestowed by his wife in reaction to how he was portrayed in the media. A collaboration from same team as 2018's Earthtones (Christine Bougie/Don Kerr/Mike O'Brien/Felicity Williams). With the graceful guitar work of Sam Weber, a musician he discovered on YouTube and with GRAMMY-nominated producer Robbie Lackritz, Sad Hunk is the next step in Afie' virtuosic signature style. 



Trick to Happy  
Own Alone  
Less Than Love  
Done Did Me No Good  
Half Your Love  
Up With The Jones  
Not Cool Anymore  
Can’t Complain  
Fair Share  
Wisdom of The World
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