(CD) Bedouin Soundclash - We Will Meet In A Hurricane

Release Date: 102122
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2022 release. "As this album represents a spiritual return to a foundational past, sonically this record is likewise about going back to our fundamentals and our roots; when Eon and I were two kids with guitars in a bedroom figuring out some songs. Our last album, Mass, featured so many parts. We recorded it in New Orleans at Preservation Hall with a thirteen-piece horn section, percussionists, strings, etc. For the most part, it's tough to find any guitar on the record. So we decided to simplify and reconnect with what inspired us. We kept the ingredients limited, the palate simple. We went back to our beginnings and rediscovered the joy of just playing on an acoustic, and a bass through a small amp, with a vocal. We spent our days like we used to when we were younger. We hung out and talked about music. If it was sunny we went to the beach. We played some tennis. Then in the afternoon we might play through some ideas. If it sounded good in the front room of the house, we took it to the studio. The album features guest vocals from Marcia Richards (The Skints) on Shine On, Aimee Interrupter (The Interrupters) on Walk Through Fire, and Ashleigh Ball (Hey Ocean!) on Birds of a Feather."

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