(CD) Bill Callahan - Gold Record

Release Date: 101620
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For his first record in....uh, well, just a little over a year (!), Bill Callahan's given us his first Gold Record. They can't all be gold, and they're not all six years apart either - all good! All the songs have a stand-alone feel, like singles, meant for you to have a deep encounter with all of a sudden, from the start of the song to the finish. And what do you got when you have a record full of singles - and let's face it, hit That's a Gold Record for you! These are in fact songs meant for other people to sing - but until they do, Bill's got this. He's got a secret on this one, and before we go, we don’t mind sharing it with you: he's figured out how to perfectly place his voice in proximity to your ear. It's based on the distance from your heart to your brain. Simple!

*Vinyl - October 16th street date.



Another Song  
Protest Song  
The Mackenzies  
Let's Move To The Country  
Ry Cooder  
As I Wander
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