(CD) Boeckner - Boeckner! (Dan Boeckner of Wolf Parade)

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March 15 street date. CD. The solo debut by Canadian indie icon Dan Boeckner - of Wolf Parade, Operators, Divine Fits, Handsome Furs - is filled with lively, catchy rock that calls to mind The Cars or David Bowie.

Boeckner understands the grit and gravel that accumulates in the heart and that it takes an unwavering courage to crack through that clutter and burrow to the other side. And in his hands, that quest comes via post-apocalyptic synth and guitar heroism, a rallying cry for those always coming home through the scorched clouds.

No matter where his genre exploration has taken him, there's something about growing up in punk and DIY spaces that puts collaboration in Boeckner's blood. Composed of a collection of intimately familiar elements, "Boeckner!" elicits the same thrill of young passion and discovery. It's a jet-powered chase through a tech-noir cityscape - fueled by a dream and that special someone in the passenger seat.


1. Lose
2. Ghost in the Mirror
3. Wrong
4. Don't Worry Baby
5. Dead Tourists
6. Return to Life
7. Euphoria
8. Holy Is the Night
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