(CD) Built To Spill - When The Wind Forgets Your Name

Release Date: 090922
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September 9 street date. Since the band's inception in 1992, Built To Spill founder Doug Martsch intended his beloved band to be a collaborative project, an ever-evolving group of musicians making music and playing live together. Following several albums and EPs on Pacific Northwest independent labels, Martsch signed with Warner Brothers from 1995 to 2016. He and his rotating cast of cohorts recorded six more great studio albums during that time, along with a live album, and a solo record, "Now You Know". While the band's impeccable recorded catalog is the entry point, Built To Spill live is an essential force of its own: heavy, psychedelic, melodic, and visceral tunes blaring from amps that sound as if they're powered by Mack trucks. Now in 2022, Built To Spill returns with "When The Wind Forgets Your Name", Martsch's unbelievably great new album (and his eighth full-length)... with a fresh new label. Alongside Built To Spill's poetic lyrics and themes, the experimentation and attention to detail produces an album full of unique, vivid, and timeless sounds, from guitar-driven rock odes to R.E.M. and Dinosaur Jr to bluesy 60s-style anthems to dub-reggae-inspired instrumentation.



1. Gonna Lose
2. Fool's Gold
3. Understood
4. Elements
5. Rock Steady
6. Spiderweb
7. Never Alright
8. Alright
9. Comes a Day
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