(CD) Camila Cabello - Familia

Release Date: 040822
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Multi Grammy nominated singer/songwriter returns with Familia, the follow up to 2019’s platinum sophomore album Romance. The new release features “Don’t Go Yet,” which premiered in 2021, along with the hit single “Bam Bam” featuring Ed Sheerhan.  Among the many accolades received, Camila is the first female artist since Adele to triple up atop Billboard’s Hot 100, Billboard 200 & Artist 100 charts.



1. Familia
2. Celia
3. Psychofreak
4. Bam Bam
5. La Buena Vida
6. Quiet
7. Boys Don't Cry
8. Hasta los Dientes
9. No Doubt
10. Don't Go Yet
11. Lola
12. Everyone at This Party


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