(CD) Casper Skulls - Knows No Kindness

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Casper Skulls have announced their new album Knows No Kindness, will drop on on November 12, 2021, via Next Door Records (The Weather Station, Ada Lea). Along with the news, the band have shared a video for “Thesis” directed by vocalist/guitarist, Melanie St-Pierre alongside Paul Los and Nora Burns with animation by Gaia Alari. Casper Skulls have played shows with PUP, Thurston Moore, Speedy Ortiz and Death From Above 1979. Knows No Kindness follows on from the band’s 2016 EP, Lips and Skull and their 2017 debut full-length, Mercy Works.

Knows No Kindness is a deeply personal body of work for the band, in particular St-Pierre who tells stories of her life growing up in small-town Northern Ontario, specifically Sudbury and Massey. In part, “Thesis” arrives as a nod to her high school teacher who encouraged her to find her own voice and style of writing, something that would suit Melanie’s thought process and creative mindset. The track, however, acts as a reflection on the record itself with Melanie taking the opening lines from another song on the album that documents a time when she had to testify in court because she’d witnessed the murder of her best friend’s father who was shot by a neighbour in their backyard.


1. Tommy
2. Thesis
3. Ouija
4. Witness
5. Rose of Jericho
6. Proem
7. Knows No Kindness
8. Monument
9. The Mouth
10. Stay The Same



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