(CD) Cat Stevens - Teaser And The Firecat (2CD) 50th Anniversary Dlx Edition

Release Date: 111921
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Yusuf/Cat Stevens celebrates 1971's landmark album with this expanded 2CD 50th Anniversary Edition.

CD1 contains the 50th Anniversary remaster of the original album completed at Abbey Road Studios and overseen by the original album producer, Paul Samwell-Smith. CD2 features rare and previously released B-sides, demos, live performances, and TV/radio sessions. Also included is a 32-page booklet with lyrics, illustrations, and track annotations.



1. The Wind
2. Rubylove
3. If I Laugh
4. Changes IV
5. How Can I Tell You
6. Tuesday's Dead
7. Morning Has Broken
8. Bitterblue
9. Moonshadow
10. Peace Train
1. The Wind (Dubville Sessions 2020)
2. Rubylove (Studio demo)
3. If I Laugh (The Old Grey Whistle Test, BBC TV, 5th October 1971)
4. Changes IV (Studio demo)
5. How Can I Tell You (Studio demo)
6. Tuesday's Dead (BBC Radio Session, 23rd March 1971)
7. Morning Has Broken (Basing Street Rehearsal, 1975)
8. Bitterblue² (Reimagined 2021)
9. Moonshadow (Olympic studio demo, 1970)
10. 1Peace Train (Extended String Mix, 1971)
11. The Day They Make Me Tsar (Studio Demo)
12. I Want To Live In A Wigwam (Morning Has Broken B-side)

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