(CD) Charles Mingus - Changes: The Complete 1970s Atlantic Studio Recordings (7CD Box Set)

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In 1973 Atlantic Records began its second period of recording with Mingus, which resulted in seven studio albums. The story of a new phase in Mingus’ music – his last phase – begins with the recordings in this boxed set. Featuring all of his 1970s output for Atlantic Records, all configurations of the album include previously unreleased outtakes of “Big Alice,” “The Call” and “Music For Todo Modo.” There is also an extra set of takes of “Big Alice” and “The Call” on an Outtakes disc exclusive to the vinyl format.


Disc 1: Mingus Moves (1973)
1.    “Canon”
2.    “Opus 4”
3.    “Moves”
4.    “Wee”
5.    “Flowers For A Lady”
6.    “Newcomer”
7.    “Opus 3”
8.    “Big Alice” (Take 1) *
9.    “The Call” (Take 1) *
Disc 2: Changes One (1974)
1.    “Remember Rockefeller At Attica”
2.    “Sue’s Changes”
3.    “Devil Blues”
4.    “Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love”

Disc 3: Changes Two (1974)
1.    “Free Cell Block F, ‘Tis Nazi U.S.A.”
2.    “Orange Was The Color Of Her Dress, Then Silk Blue”
3.    “Black Bats And Poles”
4.    “Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love”
5.    “For Harry Carney”

Disc 4: Three Or Four Shades Of Blues (1977)
1.    “Better Git Hit In Your Soul”
2.    “Goodbye, Porkpie Hat”
3.    “Noddin Ya Head Blues”
4.    “Three Or Four Shades Of Blues”
5.    “Nobody Knows (The Bradley I Know)”

Disc 5: Cumbia & Jazz Fusion (1977)
1.    “Cumbia & Jazz Fusion”
2.    “Music for ‘Todo Modo’”
3.    “Music for ‘Todo Modo’” (Take 1) *
Disc 6: Me, Myself An Eye (1979)
1.    “Three Worlds Of Drums”
2.    “Devil Woman”
3.    “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting”
4.    “Carolyn ‘Keki’ Mingus”
Disc 7: Something Like A Bird (1979)
1.    “Something Like A Bird Part 1”
2.    “Something Like A Bird Part 2”
3.    “Farewell Farwell”

* Previously Unreleased


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