(CD) Chilly Gonzales - French Kiss

Release Date: 091523
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September 15 street date. Chilly Gonzales is as well known for his intimate approach to the piano through his "Solo Piano" album trilogy, for his talent as a showman performing in the philharmonic halls of Europe in slippers and robe, and for his collaborations with internationally renowned artists such as Feist, Drake, Jarvis Cocker, and Daft Punk.

In 2023, he takes a new artistic turn with "French Kiss", his first album written and performed in French. Recently, Chilly started spending time in France again and immersed himself in French literature. The first eponymous track on the album, "French Kiss', announces the reasons for his renewed interest. It is a text that has very specific references to French culture, ranging from Molière to Benjamin Biolay, via Virginie Despentes, Emmanuel Carrère, François Mitterrand, Makala, and Thomas Bangalter. To produce this album, Chilly Gonzales got closer to the new generation of French talents, mixing them with old friends and one of his heroes, to whom he gives up his place at the piano for the first time. But Gonzo does not abandon his solo piano.

He reinterprets the giants Gabriel Fauré and Michel Berger, and plays an instrumental duet with Christine Ott and her mysterious Ondes Martenot. Also featured on the album are Bonnie Banane and Juliette Armanet, Arielle Dombasle and Teki Latex, and Richard Clayderman.


1. French Kiss
2. Il Pleut Sur Notre-Dame (feat. Bonnie Banane)
3. Lac Du Cerf (feat. Christine Ott)
4. Nos Meilleures Vies (feat. Teki Latex)
5. Wonderfoule (feat. Arielle Dombasle)
6. Cut Dick
7. Romance Sans Paroles No 3
8. Gangstavour
9. Piano A Paris (feat. Juliette Armanet)
10. Richard Et Moi (feat. Richard Clayderman)
11. Message Personnel
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