(CD) Dawes - Good Luck With Whatever (241)

Release Date: 100220
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Far from apathetic, Good Luck With Whatever is Dawes at their most unapologetic. It’s sympathetic, magnetic, 50% genetic and highly kinetic. Songs like “Didn’t Fix Me” and “Me Especially” showcase Goldsmith’s poetic prowess perfectly; a historian of the human condition, transforming turmoil into motor oil. An unfiltered photograph of a band doing what they do best, these guys learned to rock before they could crawl. Produced by 6X Grammy winner Dave “Corn On The” Cobb.



Still Feel Like A Kid  
Good Luck With Whatever  
Between The Zero And The One  
None Of My Business  
St. Augustine At Night  
Who Do You Think You're Talking To?  
Didn't Fix Me  
Free As We Wanna Be  
Me Especially
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