(CD) Delta Spirit - What Is There

Release Date: 091120
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The whole story could’ve been written in the stars…
Astrology tells us a “Saturn Return” happens when the planet Saturn revolves back to the same position it held upon our birth. It typically takes almost thirty years. However, in the case of Delta Spirit, it took a little less than fifteen. The enduring California rock quintet—Matthew Logan Vasquez [vocals], Kelly Winrich [multi-instrumentalist, vocals], Will McLaren [guitar], Jon Jameson [bass], and Brandon Young [drums]—realign on their fifth full-length and first album since 2014, What Is There. As much as it reflects their journey thus far, it also ushers them into new territory as both musicians and, most importantly, friends. In the end, Delta Spirit not only return, but move forward together on What Is There.



The Pressure  
It Ain't Easy  
How Bout It  
Can You Ever Forgive Me?  
Better Now  
Home Again  
Making Sense  
Lover's Heart  
Just The Same  
What Is There
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