(CD) Dokken - The Elektra Albums 1983-1987 (4CD/remastered)

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Dokken's million selling world wide charting first four Elektra Records studio albums - Breaking The Chains (1983), Tooth And Nail (1984), Under Lock And Key (1985), and Back For The Attack (1987) - gathered in one 180g vinyl 5LP box set collection! All four albums feature the classic line up of Don Dokken, George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and "Wild" Mick Brown and have been newly remastered. The proceedings come packed in a side loading box. DOKEN / ELEKTRA ALBUMS 1983-1987 - 4CD side loading boxset.


1. Unchain the Night
2. The Hunter
3. In My Dreams
4. Slippin' Away
5. Lightnin' Strikes Again
6. It's Not Love
7. Jaded Heart
8. Don't Lie to Me
9. Will the Sun Rise
10. Til the Livin' End
11. Kiss of Death
12. Prisoner
13. Night By Night
14. Standing in the Shadows
15. Heaven Sent
16. Mr. Scary
17. So Many Tears
18. Burning Like a Flame
19. Lost Behind the Wall
20. Stop Fighting Love
21. Cry of the Gypsy
22. Sleepless Night
23. Dream Warriors
24. Breaking the Chains
25. In the Middle
26. Felony
27. I Can't See You
28. Live to Rock (Rock to Live)
29. Nightrider
30. Seven Thunders
31. Young Girls
32. Stick to Your Guns
33. Paris Is Burning (Live in Berlin, 1982)
34. Without Warning
35. Tooth and Nail
36. Just Got Lucky
37. Heartless Heart
38. Don't Close Your Eyes
39. When Heaven Comes Down
40. Into the Fire
41. Bullets to Spare
42. Alone Again
43. Turn on the Action
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