(CD) Dominique Fils-Aimé - Our Roots Run Deep

Release Date: 092223
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September 22 street date. There is a cinematic quality to “Our Roots Run Deep”. Dominique Fils-Aimé frames her latest album with a loose, dreamlike narrative structure that tells a story of growth. The first track sets the stage with the phrase: “our roots run deep underground”. Along the way, there are a myriad of human challenges and forms of interference. An underlying life force presses on. The final track closes with the lyric: “let me climb all the way to the sun”. Dominique provides a spaciousness in her work by creating her own musical language. She layers a variety of catchy, wordless vocal licks that feel like mantras or prayers—repeating, soothing the nervous system, and distinguishing her sound. These patterns don’t have any literary definitions attached to them so they escape the clutches of our interpreting minds. The result is a sonic space where the listener can feel and dream alongside innovative melodic structures.

“Our Roots Run Deep” is an album that can be played from start to finish. Songs move in organic sequence—flowing leisurely, falling dramatically and shaping the environment. This style of continuity allows the audience time and space to sink into Dominique’s world on a trip of their own.  "Our Roots Run Deep" made CBC's list of "Canadian albums we can't wait to hear in 2023" 


1. Our Roots Run Deep
2. Hide From The Drama
3. Just Let Me Go
4. To Walk A Way
5. Or Let It Burn
6. Give Me A Reason
7. Some Room To Breathe
8. The Voices (Intro Vibes)
9. Quiet Down The Voices
10. Cheers To New Beginnings
11. Love Will Grow Back
12. My Mind At Ease
13. Feeling Like A Plant
14. Let Me Go (Bonus)
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