(CD) Durand Jones - Wait Til I Get Over

Release Date: 050523
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May 5 street date. Durand Jones' "Wait 'Til I Get Over" is a memoir and a love letter. It is the story of his life, his growth and revelations, the wisdom of his hometown and the wisdom he could only gain once he left.

In it, he writes through Hillaryville's contradictions: the pristine beauty and the ragged roads; his teenage desire to leave and his adult desire to honor his tangled roots; the plantation history and the ups and downs of the Black community that made homes of this reparation town. Jones finds something transformative in his memories there and the life he has led since, ultimately claiming and embracing his whole self. The result is vulnerable, personal, touching on Jones' relationship to church life, to his mother, to his queerness, to his worth.


1. Gerri Marie
2. The Place You'd Most Want To Live (Interlude)
3. Lord Have Mercy
4. Sadie
5. I Want You
6. Wait Til I Get Over
7. That Feeling
8. See It Through (Interlude)
9. See It Through
10. Someday We'll All Be Free
11. Letter To My 17 Year Old Self
12. Secrets
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