(CD) El Michels Affair - Yeti Season

Release Date: 032621
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Fresh off of their 2020 offering "Adult Themes", El Michels Affair is back with a new full-length release. Titled "Yeti Season", this newest album has everything we've come to expect from EMA's patented cinematic style of instrumental soul music. Where "Adult Themes" inspired a soundtrack to an imaginary film, "Yeti Season" brings us to a different place in time - with new inspirations. Taken with Turkish-styled funk and an almost Mumbai-esque take on soul, El Michels Affair offers us a different kind of drama and imagination with "Yeti Season". If you've been following along, this shouldn't be viewed as too far a departure for El Michels Affair. It's a heavy album - as evidenced by the signature musicianship and dramatic vocal expressions. But it's also a hopeful record, with phrasings, textures, and chord changes that hint at something better - or fuller -coming our way. The limited edition deluxe version comes with a 50 page children's book inspired by the album.

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