(CD) Elliott Brood - Town

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November 3rd 2023. With a familiar 1, 2, 3…Elliott BROOD count in a new album cycle, Town & Country, that explores the people and places that shape our lives, wherever we call home. On part one, Town, Elliott BROOD rumble and rock over a map of the towns and cities that populate their experiences and imaginations. With their brand of nitty gritty city folk mixed with retro nods, be it classic country or 60s surf, Elliott BROOD take us on a highly entertaining trip. Who better to write an ode to Windsor, ON (“Rose City”) than the band that has become the city’s unofficial ambassadors. Over bridges and into barrooms, lose your way to find yourself in Elliott BROOD’s "Town".


1. Rose City
2. Dark End of The Road
3. Paper Money
4. Evelyn
5. Stars Algin
6. Dried Up
7. Rise Up With Fists
8. Sinking Stone
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