(CD) Fenne Lily - Big Picture

Release Date: 041423
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April 14 street date. A gorgeous and gripping portrait of Fenne Lily's last two years, "Big Picture" was pieced together in an effort to self-soothe.

Tracked live in co-producer Brad Cook's North Carolina studio, the album delineates the phases of love and becomes a map of comfort vs claustrophobia. Though its creation took place amid personal and global turmoil, the ruminative yet candid "Big Picture" is Fenne's most cohesive, resolute work to date, both lyrically and sonically. With confidence and quiet strength, each track provides an insight into Fenne's ever-changing view of love and, ultimately, its redefinition - love as a process, not something to be lost and found. While the album was written alone in Fenne's Bristol flat - a fact intentionally reflected in its compact sonic quality - "Big Picture" was transformed from a solitary venture into a unifying collaboration during the recording process when she was joined by her touring band, Melina Dutere of Jay Som (mixing), Christian Lee Hutson (guitar and co-production), and Katy Kirby (vocals).


1. Map of Japan
2. Dawncolored Horse
3. Lights Light Up
4. 2+2
5. Superglued
6. Henry
7. Pick
8. In My Own Time
9. Red Deer Day
10. Half Finished
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