(CD) Frog Eyes - The Bees

Release Date: 042922
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April 29th, 2022 release. Frog Eyes is back! After a brief stint as Soft Plastics, Frog Eyes-comprising Carey Mercer (vocals, guitar), Melanie Campbell (drums), and Shyla Seller (synthesizer, electric piano)-have chosen 2022 to release their latest album, The Bees. The Bees is ten songs that feel expansive-taking the listener on a whirlwind adventure to meet the ghosts of Frog Eyes past, present, and future-each track possessing the tempo necessary to incite a room filled with people to move. Despite the past being an inspiration for the album, the sound is fresh, brimming with the vitality of the here and now. With it's evocative lyrics, confident instrumentation, and virtuosic ease of sound that only a decades-long collaboration can yield, The Bees is the perfect album to herald in a new era.
Vinyl due May 6th 2022.
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