(CD) Fruit Bats - A River Running To Your Heart

Release Date: 041423
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April 14 street date. Eric D. Johnson rarely lingers at one location too long. As a kid growing up in the Midwest, Johnson's family moved around a lot, but it wasn't until he became a touring musician years later that motion became a central part of his identity. That transient lifestyle stoked an enduring reverence for the world he watched pass by through a van window. A sense of place is a unifying theme he's revisited with Fruit Bats throughout its many lives.

From the project's origins in the late 1990s as a vehicle for Johnson's lo-fi tinkering to the more sonically ambitious work of recent years, Fruit Bats has often showcased love songs where people and locations meld into one. Self-produced by Johnson - a first for Fruit Bats - with Jeremy Harris at Panoramic House just north of San Francisco, "A River Running to Your Heart" is Fruit Bats' tenth full-length release and one that finds the project in the middle of a creative resurgence. After two decades of making music, hard-earned emotional maturity has seeped into Johnson's songs, resulting in a more complex sound that's connected with audiences like no other previous version of Fruit Bats.


1. Dim North Star
2. Rushin' River Valley
3. See the World By Night
4. Tacoma
5. Waking Up in Los Angeles
6. We Used to Live Here
7. It All Comes Back
8. Sick of This Feeling
9. The Deep Well
10. Meridian
11. Jesus Tap Dancing Christ (It's Good to Be Home)
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