(CD) Future Islands - People Who Aren't There Anymore

Release Date: 012624
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January 26th 2024 street date. Baltimore-based 4-piece Future Islands present their seventh album, "People Who Aren't There Anymore", via 4AD.

Following 2020's "As Long As You Are", the 12 track record heralds a new chapter for the band, who despite having formed nearly two decades ago, continue to challenge themselves and each other. Where they've pursued ever-higher energy anthems in the past, they've turned inward this time, and unlocked a new level of ferocity, delivering some of their most inspiring and heartbreaking tracks by doing the opposite: taking their time, making each breath, each syllable, each cymbal crash count. The result is a powerful, defining statement from a group of musicians that have made the best album of their career. People Who Aren’t There Anymore was produced by Future Islands and Steve Wright, and mixed by Steve Wright and Chris Coady (who returns to working with the band for the first time since 2014’s Singles).

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