(CD) Guided By Voices - Welshpool Frillies

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July 21 street date. Robert Pollard has a very strong work ethic. With most of their touring canceled due to the pandemic and then a fractured kneecap, Guided By Voices ran up an extremely prolific streak in the studio, recording and releasing eight albums in the past three years and garnering piles of rave four star and five star reviews in the process. The pandemic records were particularly notable and unique that the band members recorded most of their instruments individually in separate cities.

"Welshpool Frillies" finds the gang back together, in a Brooklyn basement with producer Travis Harrison. Much of it was recorded live to tape. The catchy ear worms in these new songs are undeniable, as the kinetic energy of the band is captured in its most raw and pure form. The album is brash, no-frills, and punky, inspired by the wiliness of 90s-era GBV, specifically the "Scalping The Guru" compilation that Pollard put together in 2022.


1. Meet the Star
2. Cruisers' Cross
3. Romeo Surgeon
4. Chain Dance
5. Why Won't You Kiss Me?
6. Animal Concentrate
7. Cats on Heat
8. Mother Mirth
9. Don't Blow Your Dream Job
10. Awake Man
11. Rust Belt Boogie
12. Seedling
13. Better Odds
14. Radioactive Pigeons
15. Welshpool Frillies
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