(CD) Half Moon Run - Salt

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Release Date: 060223
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June 2nd 2023 - CD Release.
September 8th 2023. Indie "Sand" Coloured Vinyl Release.

The musical chemistry of Devon Portielje, Conner Molander, and Dylan Phillips is a continued source of wonder, even to the band, and even now - a decorous decade on. Half Moon Run’s collaborative power has remained constant and unsuppressed and their new album Salt sees them revisiting the site of their bond’s first forging, bringing visions to light that’ve been there in waiting since the beginning.

Driven by the singles ‘You Can Let Go’ and ‘Alco’, Salt is a broad and sweeping statement from a band at the height of their compositional powers. The gestation period of the songs here spans the history of the band, in an assemblage of the band’s newest and oldest ideas, in juxtaposition and in alliance, the past and future at once.


1. You Can Let Go
2. Alco
3. Hotel in Memphis
4. Everyone's Moving Out East
5. 9beat
6. Dodge the Rubble
7. Heartbeat
8. Gigafire
9. Goodbye Cali
10. Salt
11. Crawl Back In
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